It’s time to talk about me,
so here it is:
I am made of 60% water, 206 bones and about 1,8m2 of skin.


I’m an artist  presently living in Montreal.
I studied architecture.  I spent around 7 years in school and 4 years in an office just to realize that architecture always left me hungry for a more artistic approach. After a while, I needed to move on and switched to the movie industry as a Set Designer and started renting a studio in order to become a full-time artist.

This blog is in fact the record of that process since part of being an artist is also to expose yourself and your art to the public. So watch me spill my sketches, progresses, tests and finished pieces

I don’t really have any real training in art, apart  from a short night class on oil painting, but I met a lot of people that helped me to move on:

- Peter Krausz: I strongly suggest you check his website…his stuff is amazing:
- Marc Seguin: I’ve met him in a conference and talking with him actually convinced me that I had to at least try to be an artist once in my life.  He really was the trigger of this adventure.
- Sophie Jodoin: Although I don’t think she remembers me, she helped me a lot.

Since I don’t really know how to end this description, I’ll finish with the dry information:  my professional experience so far:

BIO   .

 Art   .

- Haie – Espace Banque Nationale – Drawing for one of the pannel
Original project by Architecturama – 2014
- East to West  – Collective exhibition: One screenprint exposed – Atelier de la Bourgeoise Sérigraphe, Montreal, September 2013
- Massiv’art Chromatic – first editionLive painting – SAT, Montreal, May 2010

 Movies   .
- The Walk – Set DesignUpcoming
- Ionathan Strange - Draftman – Upcoming

- X-Men: Days of Future Past -  Set Design – 2014
- White House Down – Set Design – 2013
Immortals – Draftman – 2011

 Illustration / Storyboard   .
- Sid Lee
- Adidas
- Fraternité sur le Lac

 Architecture   .
- Sid Lee ArchitectureDesigner
La Firme - Freelance Designer
- Lafontaine Langford ArchitecteDesigner
- Humà Design & Architecture – Architectural Technician
- Hugo Gagnon Design – Architectural Technician
- Integral Jean Beaudoin - Architectural Technician
- Open Form Architecture - Freelance designer

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